Welcome to Vesper History. Delving into the roots of our town, Vesper traces its origins back to the 1850s, emerging as a sawmill settlement along the Hemlock Creek. Over the years, the rhythmic flow of the creek fueled numerous sawmills, driving the steam machinery that shaped our community. In 1894, a formidable fire razed Vesper, yet through resilience and determination, it was rebuilt into the town we recognize today.

The etymology of Vesper has intrigued many, and Lois Beebe Hayna, tasked with unraveling the town's history in the 1920s, sought answers about its nomenclature. Discovering that the town lacked a name, the villagers turned to the government for assistance. A letter detailing the essence of Vesper was dispatched, and the subsequent response bestowed the name "Vesper" upon the town, evoking a sense of tranquility. This revelation was affirmed by original settlers such as Mrs. John White, Martin Hoeneveldt, Mrs. John Murgatroud, and Owen Oliver.

These tales echo the resilience and spirit that have shaped our beloved town.

More history can be found on the Village of Vesper History Facebook Page